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Enhance Your Personal Legacy Through a Donor Advised Fund

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Qualified Plan, IRA and Social Security Limits Announced for 2019

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Which Is It? Pay Less Taxes, Spend More Time with the Love of Your Life or Both?

Participant Loans: Are They Right for Your Plan?

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Longest Bull Market:  How Long Can It Go?

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Deductible Limits for Defined Benefit and Combo Plans

Deductible Employer Contribution Limits in 401(k)s and Other Defined Contribution Plans

Shouldn't the Discussion About Fiduciary Obligation Include the Quality of Services and Performance ... and Not Solely Be About Fees

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What the Heck is a TPA ... and Why Do You Need One?

Get a Fidelity Bond to Insure against Fraud and Dishonesty – and Because It’s the Law

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Advice for How to Get Your Financial House in Order

How Donors Can Leverage the IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution for Smart Financial Giving and Harness the Impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

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Simple Investment Lesson Worth Repeating

Money Conversations to Have With Your Children

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Compensation: What's in a Name?

Best New Year's Resolution for Retirement Savings

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The Myth of the Rule of Parity, or, Why Rehires Must Immediately Re-Enter the 401(k) Plan

What You Need to Know About Investing in Bitcoin

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Charging Fees to Terminated Plan Participants Okay in Some Cases

Why a Strategic Asset Allocation is Important

Top-Paid Group Election for HCEs May Help Plan Compliance Testing

IRS, PBGC, SSA Release 2018 Cost-of-Living Increases

The Potential Impact of Sequence of Returns Risk

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ACG's Best Investment Strategies for Dentists

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Exit Strategies Worth Considering When Selling a Dental Practice

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5 Ways Investors Sabotage Their Own Portfolios

Are Leveraged ETFs Right for You?

Measuring Service in Pensions: Something They Didn’t Teach in Nursery School

Tips for Virginia Dental Practice Owners to Save More in Taxes Through 401(k) Plan Design

4 Essential Money Conversations to Have with Your Aging Parents

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What is Goal-Based Investing?

Retirement Plan Compensation in an S Corp: What Counts, What Doesn’t

6 Things Nobody Told You About Trading ETFs

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Six Tough Questions to Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

Tips for Helping Manage Your Elderly Parents' Finances

Tax-Loss Harvesting: How You May Benefit from Investment Losses

Brrrr...Thoughts About Frozen Defined Benefit Plans

5 Steps for Dealing with Market Volatility

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Marriage Investment Planning When One Spouse is Risk Averse

Is There Still a Place for Active Investment Management?

Is Active or Passive Investing Right for You?

A Deeper Look at Cross-Testing

EBARs: The First Step in Cross-Testing

Going Beyond the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

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How Should Your Investment Accounts Be Titled?

For Big Tax-Deductible Contributions, Consider a Defined Benefit Plan

Why You Should Analyze Risk-Adjusted Returns — Not Just Absolute Returns

Registered Investment Advisor vs. Big Bank: Which Should You Choose?

How Mortality Tables Work

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Asset Allocation Strategies for Retirement Planning

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2017 Qualified Plan Limits Announced

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Social Security Benefits to Get a (Very) Slight Bump in 2017

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10 Tips for Plan Sponsors to get 401(k) Plan Ready for Year-End

Will the Upcoming Elections Impact Your Portfolio?

The Nonresident Aliens Have Landed

Complete Form 8955-SSA Correctly So Future Generations Won’t Hate You

Talk to Your Doctor…Er…TPA Firm about Cross-Testing

The Brangover – Brexit and its impact on the markets and your portfolio

Ten Guidelines for 401(k) Loans

What Does Retirement Plan Disqualification Mean?

Four Great Things the IRS Has Done for Us Recently

The Conflict of Interest Rule: Fiduciary Standard Impact on Investors

Use Caution When Putting Real Estate in Your Retirement Plan

Fiduciary duty - does your financial advisor work in your best interest?

Read Form 5500 EZ Instructions & Work with Competent Advisors

401(k) plan request for proposal (RFP) process

European Central Bank introduces negative interest rates

Treasury Department Releases Scary Proposed Regulations on Cross-Testing

Simplicity of a SEP Comes With a Price

Protect Your Retirement Savings: How to Verify Your Financial Advisor can be Trusted

A Gray Day: Goodbye to an Old Friend

Recordkeeper & TPA…Just Like Peas & Carrots

What SUP with the 2015 Form 5500?

Not so happy new year for the stock market

The COLA Is Flat in 2016; IRS Limits Explained

PBGC Premiums to Rise Again; The Reason Will Make You Cry

The End of an Era: New Budget Deal is Poised to End the File and Suspend Strategy

"Highly Compensated Employee" Defined

Janet Yellen, the Fed’s rate decision, and investing with uncertainty

Top Tax Issues for 2016

Don't Be in Stocks If You Need the Money Soon

Investing in oil

IRS: No More Lump Sum Buyouts for Vulnerable Retirees If We Can Help It

President Obama really wants you to retire

Time + compound interest = lots of wealth

Considering a 401(k) Plan for 2015?

IRS 5500-EZ Program: A Brilliant Idea Becomes Permanent

401(k) plan fees - Supreme Court weighs in

Do You Have to Prove Hardship to Get a Hardship?

401(k) plan lawsuits

How Long Should You Maintain Plan Records? It Might Be Longer Than You Think

How to decrease taxable income

Affordable Care Act tax bill

PBGC Premiums: Prepare to Be Soaked

Currency Volatility: Behind the Swings in the Foreign Exchange Market

Becoming a 401(k) Millionaire Is Not As Hard As You Think

How to Beat the Market Experts

GPS is Not Unfair

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Don't miss these important retirement plan deadlines

New rules for cash balance plans offer flexibility

Retirees to get 1.7% bump in Social Security for 2015

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O Former Employee, Where Art Thou?

Treasury Department issues final rules regarding Longevity Annuities

Is your inherited IRA the same as a traditional IRA?

A Surprising Fact About Your 401(k) Plan and Beneficiary Designation

Thank you, IRS! Pilot program for late Form 5500-EZs announced

It's Not Nice to Keep a Secret

PPA Restatement for most IRS 401(a) Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans