April 21 2022

Are You Using the Right Investment Vehicle?

One way to reduce your tax drag is to use more tax-efficient vehicles. By vehicle, we mean the format or type of product that you are using in your portfolio. For example, you can invest in the S&P 500 through several types of investment vehicles...

March 30 2022

What is Tax-Loss Harvesting? How Can it Help Reduce Your Tax Drag?

Tax-loss harvesting is one of the most well-known tax tactics for investors. It is the process of selling an investment that carries an unrealized loss. The loss realized by the investor can be used to offset realized gains elsewhere. Additionally, u...

February 02 2022

CLIENT CASE STUDY: ACG Provides a Basic Safe Harbor Match 401(k) Plan for a Fast-Growing Construction Firm

Client Problem: The owners of a fast-growing construction firm were concerned about recruiting enough talented employees to keep up with demand while retaining current employees. Seeing their personal incomes soar in recent years, the construction fi...

October 24 2018

Which Is It? Pay Less Taxes, Spend More Time with the Love of Your Life or Both?

Someone said to me the other day, “Growing up has been really hard. I liked it when I was a kid!” It was spoken during a discussion about all the responsibilities associated with owning and managing a business or professional practice. So why can’t i...

August 22 2018

Make Defined Benefit Plan Contributions By September 15, 2018 Even Though It’s a Saturday

You might be aware that if the due date for a tax return occurs on a weekend or holiday, that due date is moved to the next business day. This has happened a couple of times in recent years with the dreaded April 15 due date for personal tax returns ...

April 25 2018

Advice for How to Get Your Financial House in Order

The recent weather reminded us that it is indeed spring and time for spring cleaning. Last week’s federal tax deadline was a reminder that as we pull our tax paperwork together, now is the perfect time to focus our spring cleaning attention to our fi...

April 18 2018

How Donors Can Leverage the IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution for Smart Financial Giving and Harness the Impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

With the passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), there are changes that impact charitable giving. More specifically, individual donors and nonprofits can leverage TCJA to make smarter philanthropic contributions with the Qualified Charitabl...

February 06 2017

For Big Tax-Deductible Contributions, Consider a Defined Benefit Plan

Small business owners who are looking for tax-deductible retirement contributions greater than those available in a 401(k) plan should consider adopting a defined benefit (DB) plan.

October 20 2016

Social Security Benefits to Get a (Very) Slight Bump in 2017

Retirees on Social Security may soon be able to afford an extra cup of coffee or sandwich each month, but not much else. The Social Security Administration announced this week that monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefi...

September 10 2015

Top Tax Issues for 2016

As the September 15 tax extension deadline looms, many business owners will start planning for 2016 and the many challenges that exist in running a business. Among the biggest headaches continues to be the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – no wonder that i...