February 02 2022

CLIENT CASE STUDY: ACG Provides a Basic Safe Harbor Match 401(k) Plan for a Fast-Growing Construction Firm

Client Problem: The owners of a fast-growing construction firm were concerned about recruiting enough talented employees to keep up with demand while retaining current employees. Seeing their personal incomes soar in recent years, the construction fi...

January 27 2022

CEO Sandy Wiggins Speaks on "The Great Resignation"

A record number of American workers left their jobs in November 2021. Check out the below video for an interview with Sandy Wiggins, CEO of ACG Wealth Management, about what caused this, how this "Great Resignation" can actually be a positive moving ...

January 20 2022

Inherited a Retirement Account Recently? Here’s Why You Need to Know About the New 10-year Rule.

The SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) Act was passed in 2019, effective 2020. The act established a new 10-year rule, requiring certain beneficiaries to withdraw their entire inherited retirement account balance by Decemb...

January 03 2022

Investor Insights - January 2022

See our recap of December's key statistics and market commentary below. Noteworthy Numbers 9.6 The FTSE NAREIT All Equity REIT index gained 9.6% in December, capping an excellent year for the real estate market in which the index gained 41.30%. 6.8 T...

December 01 2021

Investor Insights - December 2021

See our recap of November's key statistics and market commentary below. Noteworthy Numbers 20.81The spot price for a barrel of crude oil fell by 20.81% in the month of November after hitting multiyear highs the previous month, due to concerns about t...

November 05 2021

Big Jump for Qualified Plan Limits and Social Security in 2022

As a result of higher increases to the Consumer Price Index in 2021 than have been seen in recent years, Social Security benefits and qualified retirement plan limits will rise significantly in 2022, according to recent announcements from the IRS and...

November 02 2021

Investor Insights - November 2021

See our recap of August's key statistics and market commentary below. Noteworthy Numbers 10.94 The leading sector in the S&P 500 for October was Consumer Discretionary, with a 10.94% return. 9.53 The S&P 500 closed at a new all-time high on f...

October 28 2021

Ten Pension Terms That Make You Go Hmmmm...

All industries have their own lingo. The pension industry is no different. No one would expect someone who doesn’t work in the field to readily know what “AFTAP,” “SB,” “11(g),” or “rate group” mean.

October 25 2021

2021 ASPPA Conference

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October 04 2021

Investor Insights - October 2021

See our recap of August's key statistics and market commentary below. Noteworthy Numbers -4.65 The S&P 500 Total Return had a -4.65% return in the month of September, its first negative return since January. The index is positive 15.92% year-to-d...