February 14 2018

Like It or Not, Here Are the ABCs of ADP Testing

True or false:  how much a Highly Compensated Employee is allowed to contribute to a 401(k) plan may depend on how much Non-Highly Compensated Employees and other HCEs choose to contribute.  At first glance, the answer to that question would seem to ...

February 07 2018

How to Get Financially Fit in 2018

For much of January, we’re still excited about the new year and any resolutions we made. We often think about how we can exercise more or have a healthier diet. It’s also worth giving thought to how we can better manage our savings and investments. F...

February 02 2018

Investor Insights - February 2018

See our recap of January's key statistics and market commentary below. 

January 24 2018

Compensation: What's in a Name?

With the new year having just begun, our retirement plan clients are busily working on compiling the information we need to do their year-end calculations.  One of the most critical pieces of data we need is compensation paid to each employee for the...

January 11 2018

Best New Year's Resolution for Retirement Savings

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe that it’s a new year already. Where did 2017 go? A client recently asked me if I could recommend one piece of advice for retirement savings in the New Year, what would it be? My overwhelming res...

January 03 2018

Investor Insights: January 2018

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December 20 2017

Investment Considerations for Cash Balance Plans

Cash balance plans have gained in popularity over the last number of years because of the tax savings opportunities available to high-earning business owners and executives. Cash balance plans offer characteristics of both defined contribution plans,...

December 13 2017

The Myth of the Rule of Parity, or, Why Rehires Must Immediately Re-Enter the 401(k) Plan

Suppose someone works at a company, participates in the 401(k) plan, leaves the company for a number of years, and then is rehired.  Does the employee re-enter the 401(k) right away, or does he need to wait a period of time like a brand new employee ...

December 06 2017

What You Need to Know About Investing in Bitcoin

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Bitcoin before. In fact, lately, there’s a good chance you can’t avoid hearing about it. As its price has skyrocketed over 1,000 percent in 2017, with much of those gains in just the past few months, Bitcoin...

December 04 2017

Investor Insights: December 2017

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