November 11 2016

Controlled Group Rules Require Multiple Businesses to Be Treated as One

Under the controlled group rules, two or more business entities with common ownership are to be treated as a single employer for qualified retirement plan purposes.  A company sponsoring a retirement plan may need to provide those same benefits for e...

November 02 2016

2017 Qualified Plan Limits Announced

Autumn is here, which means leaves are changing color, football season is in full swing, and it’s time for government agencies to release new retirement plan limits for the upcoming year. 

October 26 2016

Deciding When to Start Collecting Social Security

Age 62 is the earliest a worker may begin collecting Social Security retirement benefits.  Is that the best age to start, or is it better to wait until the “full” Social Security retirement age (now 66) or perhaps even later?  Let’s take a look at so...

October 20 2016

Social Security Benefits to Get a (Very) Slight Bump in 2017

Retirees on Social Security may soon be able to afford an extra cup of coffee or sandwich each month, but not much else.  The Social Security Administration announced this week that monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benef...

September 22 2016

Decisions, Decisions ... A Comparison of Small Business Retirement Plans

 Offering a retirement plan to your employees is one of the best decisions your company can make. Qualified retirement plans like 401(k) plans offer tax benefits to your employees and your business while also serving as a powerful employee recruiting...

September 07 2016

Can You Be Past Age 70½ and Not Take 401(k) Distributions?

An apparently erroneous response in a recent financial advice column has inspired us to share some basic rules about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from qualified retirement plans.  RMDs are sometimes called “70½ distributions” because that is...

August 31 2016

10 Tips for Plan Sponsors to get 401(k) Plan Ready for Year-End

Is it my imagination or do we get busier as the fall months come and go at an accelerated pace? Oftentimes, our hectic schedules result in a “priorities first” business model and our 401(k) plan gets put on the back burner.  Here are 10 tips for plan...

August 17 2016

The Nonresident Aliens Have Landed

How to treat nonresident aliens for qualified retirement plan purposes is often misunderstood.  Are nonresident aliens allowed to participate in U.S. plans?  Do you have to cover them?  And what is a nonresident alien anyway?

August 05 2016

Complete Form 8955-SSA Correctly So Future Generations Won’t Hate You

If you were to receive a notice from the Social Security Administration saying you might be owed some money from a long-ago former employer’s retirement plan, you would probably think, “Cool. I’m owed some money from a long-ago former employer’s reti...

July 08 2016

Talk to Your Doctor…Er…TPA Firm about Cross-Testing

You can’t have the TV on very long before one of those ads for the latest prescription drug comes on. “Ask your doctor whether Incredipill is right for you.”  Why would a commercial tell me to ask my doctor about a drug?  If the medicine is right for...