June 28 2017

Exit Strategies Worth Considering When Selling a Dental Practice

For dental practice owners looking to retire, the decision to sell a dental practice is rarely easy. This major life transition means leaving your profession after years of hard work, not to mention breaking free of the emotional attachment to your b...

June 21 2017

Shocking Baby Boomer Retirement Statistics That Keep Us Up at Night

In America, we have 75.4 million Baby Boomers. And every day, around 10,000 of them officially retire.

June 01 2017

Calculating Sole Proprietor Earned Income Will Leave You in Circles

Recently, we wrote about the challenges of determining retirement plan compensation for owners of S Corporations.  Today, we will take a look at how plan compensation for sole proprietors is determined.  The task is a bit harder for sole proprietors ...

May 12 2017

Measuring Service in Pensions: Something They Didn’t Teach in Nursery School

Do you remember any songs from nursery school?  I remember one that went something like this:  "It’s time, time, time. It’s tickety time to tell time. And if you didn’t know what time it was, You’d have the most horrible, simply deplorable Tickety-to...

April 19 2017

Retirement Plan Compensation in an S Corp: What Counts, What Doesn’t

How much money do you make?  How much did you make last year?  For most of us, that is a fairly easy question.  If you don’t know offhand, you can pull out a pay stub, tax return, or Form W-2 and get the answer. 

March 22 2017

Brrrr...Thoughts About Frozen Defined Benefit Plans

Employers who sponsor defined benefit or cash balance plans may decide one day that the contribution requirements are too high or that they would prefer to provide retirement benefits through a 401(k) plan instead.  In these cases, the companies migh...

February 23 2017

A Deeper Look at Cross-Testing

This is Part 2 in a two-part series on the mechanics of cross-testing. 

February 16 2017

EBARs: The First Step in Cross-Testing

This is Part 1 in a two-part series on the mechanics of cross-testing. 

February 06 2017

For Big Tax-Deductible Contributions, Consider a Defined Benefit Plan

Small business owners who are looking for tax-deductible retirement contributions greater than those available in a 401(k) plan should consider adopting a defined benefit (DB) plan. 

January 24 2017

5 Successful 401(k) Retirement Plan Strategies

Are you aware that you may not be optimizing your 401(k) plan to its full potential? As a plan sponsor, you’ll want to examine all of the possible strategies to implement in order to reap the greatest benefits from investing in a qualified retirement...