June 15 2017

Secrets from Financially Successful Dentists

So, you’re a dentist making a decent salary, but you just can’t seem to get ahead in your financial standing. Sound familiar?

April 12 2017

6 Things Nobody Told You About Trading ETFs

ETFs are a popular investment option for both individual investors and financial advisors serving their client’s investment needs.

April 05 2017

Six Tough Questions to Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

 It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your financial life, if not the most important decision. We’re referring to your choice of a financial advisor. The benefits and rewards of making a good choice are tremendous. Namely, you will...

March 29 2017

Tips for Helping Manage Your Elderly Parents' Finances

In many families, there comes a time when grown children have to step in to help manage their elderly parents’ finances. This often happens when parents have lost the mental capacity to make important financial and investment decisions themselves.

March 22 2017

Brrrr...Thoughts About Frozen Defined Benefit Plans

Employers who sponsor defined benefit or cash balance plans may decide one day that the contribution requirements are too high or that they would prefer to provide retirement benefits through a 401(k) plan instead.  In these cases, the companies migh...

February 23 2017

A Deeper Look at Cross-Testing

This is Part 2 in a two-part series on the mechanics of cross-testing. 

February 16 2017

EBARs: The First Step in Cross-Testing

This is Part 1 in a two-part series on the mechanics of cross-testing. 

February 06 2017

For Big Tax-Deductible Contributions, Consider a Defined Benefit Plan

Small business owners who are looking for tax-deductible retirement contributions greater than those available in a 401(k) plan should consider adopting a defined benefit (DB) plan. 

December 02 2016

11 Things You May or May Not Know About Family Attribution

When you own a business and sponsor a qualified retirement plan, there are times you may wish you weren’t the owner.  Being an owner may make you a Highly Compensated Employee (HCE) or a key employee, thus restricting your benefits or forcing you to ...

November 11 2016

Controlled Group Rules Require Multiple Businesses to Be Treated as One

Under the controlled group rules, two or more business entities with common ownership are to be treated as a single employer for qualified retirement plan purposes.  A company sponsoring a retirement plan may need to provide those same benefits for e...