September 12 2018

Want to Save for Education Expenses? Open up a 529 Plan Account.

Opening up a 529 Plan is the best way to save for education expenses. In addition to providing a great means by which one can save for the ever-increasing costs of education, there are current and future tax benefits to enjoy.

April 25 2018

Advice for How to Get Your Financial House in Order

The recent weather reminded us that it is indeed spring and time for spring cleaning. Last week’s federal tax deadline was a reminder that as we pull our tax paperwork together, now is the perfect time to focus our spring cleaning attention to our fi...

March 21 2018

Money Conversations to Have With Your Children

Recently our son declared to his mother that she had not bought him candy when he was little.  Surprised, my wife found objection to his statement saying, “I bought you candy.”  Our son recalled going through the checkout line and not being able to e...

February 21 2018

How Can I Determine My Risk Tolerance?

2018 has already surpassed 2017 when it comes to volatility in the stock market. Last year’s market was about as exciting as the Olympic qualifier for Curling, and this year is feeling more like an Alpine Ski Race at breakneck speeds. Now that invest...

February 07 2018

How to Get Financially Fit in 2018

For much of January, we’re still excited about the new year and any resolutions we made. We often think about how we can exercise more or have a healthier diet. It’s also worth giving thought to how we can better manage our savings and investments. F...

January 11 2018

Best New Year's Resolution for Retirement Savings

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe that it’s a new year already. Where did 2017 go? A client recently asked me if I could recommend one piece of advice for retirement savings in the New Year, what would it be? My overwhelming res...

November 29 2017

What You Need to Understand About Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon

When deciding how to invest your money, the most important question is, “How much risk should I take?” Your answer can mean the difference between meeting your goals—for example, retiring when and how you want—and falling short of them. Unfortunately...

June 15 2017

Secrets from Financially Successful Dentists

So, you’re a dentist making a decent salary, but you just can’t seem to get ahead in your financial standing. Sound familiar?

April 12 2017

6 Things Nobody Told You About Trading ETFs

ETFs are a popular investment option for both individual investors and financial advisors serving their client’s investment needs.

April 05 2017

Six Tough Questions to Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

 It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your financial life, if not the most important decision. We’re referring to your choice of a financial advisor. The benefits and rewards of making a good choice are tremendous. Namely, you will...