November 08 2019

New Qualified Plan Limits and Social Security Adjustments for 2020 Announced

Retirees receiving Social Security will see a small benefit increase in 2020.  Savers in qualified retirement plans (but not IRAs) will have the ability to put a bit more money away in 2020.

November 04 2019

Investor Insights - November 2019

See our recap of October's key statistics and market commentary below.  Noteworthy Numbers The preliminary reading of third quarter GDP growth in the U.S. was 1.9%. This represented a deceleration in the economy, but still beat consensus expectations...

October 16 2019

What Is the REAL Deadline for Making Plan Contributions?

When it comes to depositing employer contributions into qualified retirement plans, we are often asked what the deadline is for making these contributions.  Believe it or not, that is not an easy question to answer.  I suppose one way to look at it i...

October 09 2019

What You Might Have Missed - August & September 2019

Have you been busy saying goodbye to summer and welcoming the new season? For your convenience, I've compiled links to our recently published posts directly below.    

October 02 2019

Investor Insights - October 2019

See our recap of September's key statistics and market commentary below.  Noteworthy Numbers The S&P Small Cap 600 Value was the leading asset class of September with a return of 5.72%.   Futures contracts on Brent Crude oil soared as high as 19.5% o...

September 11 2019

Three Things You Should Be Doing as a Plan Sponsor

If you sponsor a 401(k) plan, you are likely working with great partners. You probably work with an advisor who maintains the investment lineup. You are also probably working with a Third Party Administrator (TPA) who handles the daily administration...

September 04 2019

Investor Insights - September 2019

See our recap of August's key statistics and market commentary below.  Noteworthy Numbers The yield on the 10-year treasury closed the month at 1.50%. This is a 52 basis point drop during the month. The yield at the end of July was 2.02%.   The S&P S...

August 21 2019

How to Fix a Participant Loan

Recently, we shared the basic rules related to participant loans in qualified retirement plans.  From time to time, there will be loans that are not in compliance with one or more of these rules.  What happens then?  Is there a fix?  Today, we will g...

August 01 2019

Investor Insights - August 2019

See our recap of July's key statistics and market commentary below.  Noteworthy Numbers The fed lowered the target federal funds rate to 2.25 percent. This is the first rate cut by the Fed since 2008.    Large cap stocks have outperformed small cap s...

July 17 2019

What You Need to Know About Interval Funds

The investment industry is constantly evolving to bring investors unique ways of enhancing their portfolios. One of the more exciting evolutions in recent years is the advent of vehicles called interval funds. This blog will introduce you to the conc...