May 15 2019

Does Equity Index Put Writing Belong In Your Asset Allocation?

What kind of investments should investors be looking at when they want stock market exposure but are concerned about stock market volatility? One option worth consideration is put writing, in which you as the investor sell puts on an index like the S...

May 08 2019

What to Know about Your 401(k) Plan

We all know the saying Knowledge is Power. This quote hits the mark when it comes to retirement plans – for both the participant and plan sponsor. Being equally important, I will discuss what you should know about your plan from both perspectives. Pl...

May 01 2019

Investor Insights - May 2019

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April 17 2019

IRS Reverses Position on Retiree Lump Sum Windows

In a somewhat surprising reversal of guidance issued four years ago, the IRS announced recently that it is okay to offer retirees and beneficiaries who are currently receiving annuity payments under a defined benefit plan a temporary option to elect ...

April 10 2019

Traditional 401(k) Versus Roth 401(k)

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As most of us have either recently filed our 2018 federal income taxes, or are in the frantic last-minute scramble to do so, now is a good time to consider your retirement investment options. Recently, a growing number of employers offer a Roth 401(k...

April 01 2019

Investor Insights - April 2019

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March 27 2019

What You Might Have Missed - March 2019

  Have you been busy this month and missed reading one of our blog posts? Or perhaps you're wondering what ACG has been doing out in the community.   Don't worry, help is here. For your convenience, I've compiled links to our recently published posts...

March 20 2019

Considerations Before Excluding Bonuses in 401(k)

During the implementation a 401(k) plan, a retirement plan consultant sits with the plan sponsor and explains the various plan design options. There is a lot of flexibility offered, but some provisions carry a level of risk that is greater than other...

March 13 2019

Six Easy Ways to Save AND Have a Life

As spring is on its way, after a long and cold winter, I’m excited about all the outdoor activities my family and I can start doing again. Whether it’s a day trip to historic Colonial sites, an excitement filled afternoon at an amusement park or chec...

March 01 2019

Investor Insights - March 2019

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