August 08 2018

What You Need to Know About the 2- and 10-year Spread

If you are a regular consumer of financial media, or if you get your pulse on the market from our monthly Investor Insights newsletter, you have probably seen mention of an indicator called the 2- and 10-year spread. The spread has been a recurring t...

April 25 2018

Advice for How to Get Your Financial House in Order

The recent weather reminded us that it is indeed spring and time for spring cleaning. Last week’s federal tax deadline was a reminder that as we pull our tax paperwork together, now is the perfect time to focus our spring cleaning attention to our fi...

April 18 2018

How Donors Can Leverage the IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution for Smart Financial Giving and Harness the Impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

With the passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), there are changes that impact charitable giving. More specifically, individual donors and nonprofits can leverage TCJA to make smarter philanthropic contributions with the Qualified Charitabl...

March 28 2018

Simple Investment Lesson Worth Repeating

November 2017 marked the ten-year anniversary of the beginning of the bear market associated with the Great Financial Crisis (GFC). Since the end of that bear market in March 2009, investors have more or less had an enjoyable and profitable ride in t...

March 21 2018

Money Conversations to Have With Your Children

Recently our son declared to his mother that she had not bought him candy when he was little.  Surprised, my wife found objection to his statement saying, “I bought you candy.”  Our son recalled going through the checkout line and not being able to e...

November 29 2017

What You Need to Understand About Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon

When deciding how to invest your money, the most important question is, “How much risk should I take?” Your answer can mean the difference between meeting your goals—for example, retiring when and how you want—and falling short of them. Unfortunately...

November 15 2017

Why a Strategic Asset Allocation is Important

An investor’s strategic asset allocation is an investment portfolio’s target mix of different asset categories. Generally, a strategic asset allocation will be rebalanced, commonly annually, to ensure the current investment allocation is not signific...

May 24 2017

5 Ways Investors Sabotage Their Own Portfolios

Let me paint a picture. You are at a cocktail party with a friend. He can’t stop talking about the gains he recently made on the latest tech stock investment. You start to feel envious, maybe even a bit angry that you didn’t get in on the investment....

May 19 2017

Are Leveraged ETFs Right for You?

What if someone told you that you had an equal chance of quadrupling your money or of losing four times as much as your bet at the casino? This is essentially the bet that investors will make using two new leveraged exchange-traded funds (ETFs) appro...

May 10 2017

Tips for Virginia Dental Practice Owners to Save More in Taxes Through 401(k) Plan Design

Owning a dental practice can be very lucrative, but achieving financial success is not an easy road for dentists.