May 19 2017

Are Leveraged ETFs Right for You?

What if someone told you that you had an equal chance of quadrupling your money or of losing four times as much as your bet at the casino? This is essentially the bet that investors will make using two new leveraged exchange-traded funds (ETFs) appro...

May 10 2017

Tips for Virginia Dental Practice Owners to Save More in Taxes Through 401(k) Plan Design

Owning a dental practice can be very lucrative, but achieving financial success is not an easy road for dentists.

May 05 2017

4 Essential Money Conversations to Have with Your Aging Parents

Financial conversations with your aging parents are not easy but they are necessary. There may be hesitation on the part of both parents and their adult children to have conversations about money. However, in the end, these conversations are invariab...

January 05 2017

Asset Allocation Strategies for Retirement Planning

The final years leading up to your retirement are critical from a financial planning perspective. During the last five to seven years of pre-retirement and the first few years of retirement itself, you will likely need to make subtle shifts in your r...

December 29 2016

Chasing Performance When Choosing Mutual Funds Can Be A Big Mistake

One of the most common investing mistakes is known as “chasing performance.” This occurs when investors base their buy and sell decisions primarily on how a mutual fund or asset class has performed during a previous short-term time period, such as la...

March 10 2016

European Central Bank introduces negative interest rates

This morning, the European Central Bank (ECB) introduced negative deposit rates and also cut its main refinancing rate to 0.00%. What this means is that European banks will have to pay the ECB 0.4% of any deposits that they hold with the central bank...

February 08 2016

Protect Your Retirement Savings: How to Verify Your Financial Advisor can be Trusted

Last week I watched the two-part TV series, Madoff. The made-for-TV movie chronicles the exploits and downfall of notorious white collar criminal, Bernie Madoff, the manager of the multi-billion dollar hedge fund. Except that it wasn’t a hedge fund—i...