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November 15 2017

Why a Strategic Asset Allocation is Important

An investor’s strategic asset allocation is an investment portfolio’s target mix of different asset categories. Generally, a strategic asset allocation will be rebalanced, commonly annually, to ensure the current investment allocation is not signific...

November 08 2017

Top-Paid Group Election for HCEs May Help Plan Compliance Testing

Not everybody is familiar with precise definitions of pension terms like Highly Compensated Employee, but most of us would agree that someone with an annual salary of $500,000 sounds like an HCE.  In most cases, we’d be right.  But there is one insta...

October 27 2017

IRS, PBGC, SSA Release 2018 Cost-of-Living Increases


October 11 2017

The Potential Impact of Sequence of Returns Risk

As you plan your strategy for creating portfolio distributions during retirements, there are a number of different factors you should consider. These include your budget, expenses, and sources of retirement income other than your investment portfolio...

October 04 2017

Investor Insights: October 2017

See our recap of September’s key statistics and market commentary below.

September 27 2017

What You Need to Know Before Adopting a 401(k) Plan

The beauty of a 401(k) plan is the flexibility it offers. As a business owner, your main priority may be to offer a 401(k) plan to attract top talent. Or you may want to have a 401(k) plan to reduce taxes by offering a match or a profit-sharing compo...

September 13 2017

Three Quick Tips to Make Your Wealth Last in Retirement

According to U.S. News & World Report, starting in 2012 and spanning 20 years, an average of 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach age 65 each day. That number seems startlingly high, especially considering research shows that many Baby Boomers are not full...

September 08 2017

Investor Insights: September 2017

See our recap of August’s key statistics and market commentary below.

August 30 2017

Rising Interest Rates Not Always Bad For Stock Prices

The Federal Reserve began raising the Federal Funds interest rate in December of 2015. They raised rates again in 2016 and twice so far in 2017 with the possibility of another increase later this year. With four rate hikes so far in this rate raising...

August 09 2017

ACG's Best Investment Strategies for Dentists

As a dentist, you’ve worked hard to get ahead in your career by mastering your education and profession. But your success shouldn’t stop short of your financial plans. When building a prosperous life, you must also employ the best investment strategi...

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