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March 14 2018

The Good, The Bad and Maybe The Unknown About Target Date Funds

The Good Over the past decade the U.S. Target-Date mutual fund category has grown from under $200 billion in assets to over $880 billion as of the end of 2016. These types of investments address the “misallocation” risk that many 401(k) plan particip...

March 07 2018

If You Defer Too Much in a 401(k), Your Money Will Be Cheerfully Refunded

When an employee contributes too much to a 401(k) plan, a common fix is for the excess amount to be refunded to the employee. The technical term for this kind of refund is “corrective distribution.” At this time of year, plan sponsors may be scrambli...

March 01 2018

Investor Insights - March 2018

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February 21 2018

How Can I Determine My Risk Tolerance?

2018 has already surpassed 2017 when it comes to volatility in the stock market. Last year’s market was about as exciting as the Olympic qualifier for Curling, and this year is feeling more like an Alpine Ski Race at breakneck speeds. Now that invest...

February 14 2018

Like It or Not, Here Are the ABCs of ADP Testing

True or false:  how much a Highly Compensated Employee is allowed to contribute to a 401(k) plan may depend on how much Non-Highly Compensated Employees and other HCEs choose to contribute.  At first glance, the answer to that question would seem to ...

February 07 2018

How to Get Financially Fit in 2018

For much of January, we’re still excited about the new year and any resolutions we made. We often think about how we can exercise more or have a healthier diet. It’s also worth giving thought to how we can better manage our savings and investments. F...

February 02 2018

Investor Insights - February 2018

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January 24 2018

Compensation: What's in a Name?

With the new year having just begun, our retirement plan clients are busily working on compiling the information we need to do their year-end calculations.  One of the most critical pieces of data we need is compensation paid to each employee for the...

January 11 2018

Best New Year's Resolution for Retirement Savings

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe that it’s a new year already. Where did 2017 go? A client recently asked me if I could recommend one piece of advice for retirement savings in the New Year, what would it be? My overwhelming res...

January 03 2018

Investor Insights: January 2018

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