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December 29 2016

Chasing Performance When Choosing Mutual Funds Can Be A Big Mistake

One of the most common investing mistakes is known as “chasing performance.” This occurs when investors base their buy and sell decisions primarily on how a mutual fund or asset class has performed during a previous short-term time period, such as la...

December 21 2016

4 Strategies For Avoiding the Trap of Emotional Investing

One of the biggest mistakes of many investors is making retirement investing decisions based on their emotions. Doing so can lead to buying high and selling low — which is the exact opposite of a successful retirement investing strategy.

June 29 2016

The Brangover – Brexit and its impact on the markets and your portfolio

Last week, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU). This decision caught the markets by surprise, as many believed the vote would be close but not favor a leave.

January 06 2015

GPS is Not Unfair

In President Obama’s year-end press conference, he stated that he did not think it was fair for certain corporations to pay less in taxes than others just because they have a better attorney or accountant.  By that logic, one may conclude that becaus...