August 30 2016

Will the Upcoming Elections Impact Your Portfolio?

The U.S. Presidential Election is just seventy days away now, and Americans across the country are paying attention to who will sit in the Oval Office for at least the next four years. The candidates offer a stark contrast in personality and backgrou...

June 29 2016

The Brangover – Brexit and its impact on the markets and your portfolio

Last week, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU). This decision caught the markets by surprise, as many believed the vote would be close but not favor a leave.

April 22 2016

The Conflict of Interest Rule: Fiduciary Standard Impact on Investors

Earlier this month, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its long-awaited Conflict of Interest Rule, and the investment industry is still parsing through the language to gauge how it will impact business models.

March 10 2016

European Central Bank introduces negative interest rates

This morning, the European Central Bank (ECB) introduced negative deposit rates and also cut its main refinancing rate to 0.00%.  What this means is that European banks will have to pay the ECB 0.4% of any deposits that they hold with the central ban...

February 08 2016

Protect Your Retirement Savings: How to Verify Your Financial Advisor can be Trusted

Last week I watched the two-part TV series, Madoff. The made-for-TV movie chronicles the exploits and downfall of notorious white collar criminal, Bernie Madoff, the manager of the multi-billion dollar hedge fund. Except that it wasn’t a hedge fund—i...

January 08 2016

Not so happy new year for the stock market

It seems as if the stock market ate at Chipotle and caught a norovirus to start 2016. December sales at Chipotle decreased around 30%, which is hopefully not what will happen to the stock market. But investors should be cautious and aware of the many...

September 18 2015

Janet Yellen, the Fed’s rate decision, and investing with uncertainty

For the past several weeks, the markets have been more volatile than usual. August saw the S&P 500 Total Return Index falling 6.26%, the largest calendar month decline since May 2012. This volatility was sparked primarily by concerns about China’...

August 12 2015

Investing in oil

As we're ending the second quarter earnings season, and getting ready for summer to end, investors are evaluating their portfolios for the rest of the year, and hopefully really for the next 3-5 years or longer. We haven't had this much volatility in...