December 12 2018

What’s the Big Change with 401(k) Hardships?

On February 9, 2018, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 was passed into law, which ended the government shutdown by raising the debt ceiling for the next two years. Sandwiched deep within were changes to rules that govern hardship distributions in 401...

December 03 2018

Investor Insights - December 2018

See our recap of November's key statistics and market commentary below. 

November 28 2018

What You Might Have Missed - October & November 2018

  Did you go on vacation and miss reading our blog posts? Have you been swamped at the office and opened the November Investor Insights but never got a chance to read it through?  For your convenience, I've compiled links to our recently published po...

November 21 2018

A Few Nuggets of Wisdom on Pot Stocks

Last year around Thanksgiving I wrote about the craze around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The blog’s main point was that, after seeing record numbers of new accounts opening up for the purchase of Bitcoin, investors shouldn’t rush in with...

November 14 2018

Can You Have a Maximum DB Plan Without Much Current Compensation? Yes, SIR!

It is generally the case that the more compensation one earns, the bigger the contributions and benefits he may receive from a qualified retirement plan. The limits on salary deferrals in 401(k) plans, annual additions in defined contribution plans, ...

November 07 2018

Qualified Plan, IRA and Social Security Limits Announced for 2019

The IRS, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and Social Security Administration (SSA) have announced 2019 contribution and benefit limits and other numbers of interest. Many of these can be found here. Most limits and thresholds will see mode...

November 01 2018

Investor Insights - November 2018

See our recap of October's key statistics and market commentary below. 

October 24 2018

Which Is It? Pay Less Taxes, Spend More Time with the Love of Your Life or Both?

Someone said to me the other day, “Growing up has been really hard. I liked it when I was a kid!”  It was spoken during a discussion about all the responsibilities associated with owning and managing a business or professional practice. So why can’t ...

October 10 2018

Participant Loans: Are They Right for Your Plan?

There was a time when a good friend convinced me to go with a car lease instead of a purchase. I never had leased a car, but she pointed out all of the great reasons why leasing was better. I ran out and leased a high-end SUV for three years. When my...

October 02 2018

Investor Insights - October 2018

See our recap of September's key statistics and market commentary below.